Let's be honest. I'm not a writer. I'm a photographer.

But I know you are here to read something 'about me'. Read some blurb most pay someone else to write for them. Not me.

Writing is hard for me. As I know being in front of a camera is for most of you. People find it hard to be seen, like really seen. Vulnerability.

This. It is why I shoot. To lead you through being comfortably uncomfortable. To capture the raw moments of the true you. 

And why I capture Mother Nature so often. She stands naked in front of us every day proudly showing off her beauty for us all.

So let's get raw.

What do you want the world to see? Tell me about your vision. I may just be the right photographer to join you on this adventure!


Photography is the story I fail to put into words
— Destin Sparks